Monday, November 16, 2009

Lushlife - Cassette City

Release Date: June 23, 2009

Track List

1. Innocence
2. Daylight Into Me
3. The Kindness
4. Meridian Sounds Pt. 1
5. Another Word For Paradise
6. Until The Sun Dies
7. The Songbird Athletic
8. Meridian Sounds Pt. 2
9. In Soft Focus
10. The Fall of Light Brigade
11. Innocent (Reprise)
12. Bottle Rocket
13. Meridian Sound Pt. 3

This album is a breathe of fresh air for the Hip Hop world! Lushlife kills it on this album with his clean and clear flow over his self produced beats. In all honesty I love the guys flow and his rhymes are dope but the production on this album out shines everything else. From what I've read this guy can do it all and play it all. The three Meridian Sound tracks prove his depth as a producer because he mellows it out and takes a different route. I'm a big fan of the instrumental breaks in between tracks because it lets the produce shine for a minute. This album is filled with positive vibes and rhymes that take you back to a day when Hip Hop wasn't so fuckin Hollywood.Overall this album is FRESH the type a shit you listen to when you're walking through the city just chillin. Stand out tracks include The Kindness, The Songbird Athletic, Innocence Reprise because he's reppin Style Wars, and Meridian Sound Pt. 3 because I like the melody. Oh yeah and shouts out to Lushlife for bringing the old school slang back I mean "Gully" and "It's Butter" lets bring that shit back!

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