Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Are You Kidding Me?

Dazzie Dee - Where's My Receipt

Release Date: July 2, 1996

Track List

1. Intro When A Gee Meets a Geestress
2. Westside Hoodsters
3. Unda The Table
4.Everybody Wants To Be A Gangsta
5. Ain't No Busters This Way featuring Ice Cube and K-Dee
6. What's In A Name
7. Knee Deep
8. On My Side
9. Sticky Situation
10. C Alright
11. Outro

If you like G-Funk you'll dig this album fur sure. The whole thing's produced by Battlecat one of the funkiest if not the funkiest producers and Dazzie's got that smooth delivery I got no more words the shit is real! Here's a couple dope tracks off the album.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Warren G - The G Files

Release Date: September 29, 2009

Track List

1. Intro
2. West Is Back featuring Halla and Bad Lucc
3. True Starr featuring BJ
4. Let's Get High (420) featuring Black Nicc
5. 100 Miles and Runnin' featuring Nate Dogg and Raekwon
6. Skate Skate featuring Halla
7. Drinks Ain't Free
8. Swagger Rich featuring and Cass
9. Suicide featuring RBX
10. Masquerade featuring Mr. Lucc and Halla
11. Hold On
12. What's Wrong featuring Black Nicc and Halla
13. Ringtone
14. Crush featuring Ray J

The West Is Back! Warren G's new release serves as the return of the major west coast gangsta rappers back on the seen. As some of you know The Game and Snoop have new releases that are droppin soon. Although I got love for The Game (despite his bipolar problems with G-Unit and now beef with Jay-Z) and I always got love for Snoop but this is probably better than both of those albums will be. I like that laid back shit and Warren came with it. With tracks like Skate Skate and Let's Get High (420) this album is definitely somethin' to bump when your loungin. The Track Suicide featuring RBX is definitely the old Warren G showin true. The only track I really don't like on this album is "Swagger Rich" I'M SO SICK OF THE WORD SWAG it's played out like autotune let's think of a new word or some shit. I mean I got most of the major label releases from 2009 and almost every album has a track with swag in the title it's almost 2010 Time For Some Change. This is no beef with Warren G the beats are dope and the tracks are catchy he hasn't lost a step since Regulators. Keep up the good work! Here's two of my favorite tracks off the album.

Lushlife - Cassette City

Release Date: June 23, 2009

Track List

1. Innocence
2. Daylight Into Me
3. The Kindness
4. Meridian Sounds Pt. 1
5. Another Word For Paradise
6. Until The Sun Dies
7. The Songbird Athletic
8. Meridian Sounds Pt. 2
9. In Soft Focus
10. The Fall of Light Brigade
11. Innocent (Reprise)
12. Bottle Rocket
13. Meridian Sound Pt. 3

This album is a breathe of fresh air for the Hip Hop world! Lushlife kills it on this album with his clean and clear flow over his self produced beats. In all honesty I love the guys flow and his rhymes are dope but the production on this album out shines everything else. From what I've read this guy can do it all and play it all. The three Meridian Sound tracks prove his depth as a producer because he mellows it out and takes a different route. I'm a big fan of the instrumental breaks in between tracks because it lets the produce shine for a minute. This album is filled with positive vibes and rhymes that take you back to a day when Hip Hop wasn't so fuckin Hollywood.Overall this album is FRESH the type a shit you listen to when you're walking through the city just chillin. Stand out tracks include The Kindness, The Songbird Athletic, Innocence Reprise because he's reppin Style Wars, and Meridian Sound Pt. 3 because I like the melody. Oh yeah and shouts out to Lushlife for bringing the old school slang back I mean "Gully" and "It's Butter" lets bring that shit back!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jake One - White Van Music

Track List

1. I'm Coming

2. Gangsta Boy

3. The Truth

4. Turn It Down

5. God Like

6. Bless The Child

7. Oh Really

8. Hi

9. Trap Door

10. Dead Wrong

11. Kissin' The Curb

12. How We Ride

13. White Van

14. Big Homie Style

15. Scared

16. Great Sound

17. Get 'Er Done

18. Feelin' My Shit

19. Soil Raps

20. Glow

21. R.I.P.

22. Home

SEA-TOWN!!!! This is one of the best releases to come out of my home town. Jake One is a producer that's been in the game for minute and started catching some buzz when he worked with G-Unit on their debut release Beg For Mercy in 2003. Since then he has worked with a variety of mainstream and underground artists alike. I like Jake One because he's old school with the beats, I mean diggin in the crates ain't exactly the most popular way of finding an ill loop these days. You can see Jake One on the new Deep Crates DVD if you want check out his experiences with diggin in the crates. White van Music has a host of artist including Black Milk, Nottz, M.O.P., Freeway, Brother Ali, D. Black, Little Brother, Posdnuos, Slug, MF Doom, Young Buck, Bishop Lamont, Busta Rhymes, Alchemist, Evidence, Prodigy, J. Pinder, GMK, Spaceman, Casual, Keek Da Sneak, Elzhi, Royce Da 5'9", Vitamin D, C Note, Maine, and Ish. Quite the supporting cast huh? I find it impressive when a producer can bring together main stream and underground artists to "bridge the gap" if you will. White Van Music is one of those albums you can listen to all the way through I mean even the interludes have ill beats in the background. Jake One style is hard to compare to anyone else because it is wholly and truly his own. The artists featured on the album all have a different style and delivery but their vocals ride smooth over every track. Stand out tracks include "Home" which is a tribute to his and my home town Seattle, "Glow" featuring Elzhi and Royce Da 5'9", and "Kissin' the Curb" featuring Bishop Lamont and Busta Rhymes. If you don't got it yet GET THIS LP IT'S LEGIT!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hello World!

I am a Hip Hop head who finally decided to share his opinion with you, whoever you may be, about the current state of this wonderful genre we call Hip Hop. I'm sure there's plenty of you out there that are sick and tired with the play lists that your local radio stations play every hour on the hour on repeat. There's so many artists out there, old and new, that make good music that get little exposure. In this blog I will review new school, old school, mainstream and underground albums and artist and hopefully expose new artists to be heard for the first time and old artists to be heard again. Feel free to share the comments you have as well.

Funk Master Herbie Hancock and Grand Master DST - Rockit

If you don't know already Herbie Hancock is the MAN! and has been making grade A cuts on the keys since the early 60's. From a Hip Hop perspective Herbie has been sampled by various artist throughout the years and is most known for his collaboration with Grand Master DST in 1984 with the hit song with the famous scratch, "Rockit." Peep the live performance.